Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and Associated Problems (TC203)

Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and Associated Problems (TC203)

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TC203 (ex TC4) The Technical Committee TC203 (ex TC-4) on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Associated Problems, started up in 1985, reflecting the increasing need and interest of earthquake engineering among the geotechnical engineering community. Professor Kenzi Ishihara was the first chairman, followed by Professor Pedro Seco e Pinto, Professor Liam Finn, Professor Takaji Kokusho and Professor Atilla Ansal (co-chair).The current chairman is professor Kyriazis Pitilakis and Professor Ross Boulanger acting as vice-chairman.For more than 25 years TC203 has provided the main forum for ISSMGE members in the area of earthquake geotechnical engineering and made significant contributions in responding to the hazards and challenges posed by the major earthquakes. Following the resent restructuring of ISMGE and its committees TC 203, is currently compose by 61 members, from academic, consulting and construction industry, representing 31 countries throughout the world, and it covers a wider spectrum of earthquake-associated geotechnical problems. For the period of 2010-2013, the following actions have been agreed, which constitute the suggested terms of reference:  1) Disseminate knowledge and practice in the field of underground construction     At a regional level: Encourage  the      participation of TC203 members at regional workshops and conferences and  organize specialized workshops (i.e. after large earthquakes, code initiatives etc). Participation of TC203 members in international survey committees or coordination of survey committees after large earthquake.     At an international level: To investigate the most appropriate way to create (or/and upgrade) the web page (and portal?)      of TC203 in the framework of the existing web page of ISSMGE and other related WebPages and portals To propose a prize for a young researcher(s) after adequate and severe selection process. To continue the already established and very successful activities such as the International Conferences of Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, the      Satellite Conferences in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering in World Conferences and the TC203 supported conferences like the Performance Based Design Conference To actively support the Bulletin of Geotechnical Engineering and the Journal of Case Histories To encourage and support the production of high level monographs on specific subjects 2) Improve knowledge and establish technical recommendations and guidelines To explore the possibilities to disseminate widely (through specialized portals) high quality experimental data, observations surveys, reconnaissance reports and design-construction reports on significant structures To define few topics for future TC203 generic activities like (i) Performance Based Design in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, (ii) Liquefaction and associated phenomena, (iii) Site characterization, Site Effects and  Design ground motion for  different   typology of structures (i.e. ordinary modern buildings, monuments, lifelines, infrastructures  etc.), (iv) Large Scale Facilities in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, (v) Numerical and physical procedures, (vi) Seismic codes, (vii) Soil Structure Interaction, etc. To create Working Groups on specific subjects Establish permanent links with global activities (in particular with GEER and GEM) and between research-academia and profession. 3) Interact with other TCs and organizations To improve the link and the participation in TC203 of the construction industry. Active support of the construction and consulting industry of the activities of TC203 has to be explored Use the website as a source of information that is available to all members. Endeavour to get all country representatives to recommend published papers and reports that they consider represent best current practice in their region or particular field of expertise. Encourage country representatives to submit case history data showing recent examples of good practice. To create Working Groups on specific subjects

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