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No. Title Author
1 Design of Foundations in Seismic Areas: Principles and Applications Subhamoy Bhattacharya
2 Carbonate Sediments and Rocks: A Manual for Earth Scientists and Engineers Colin Braithwaite
3 Testing in Construction Volume 2: Testing of Ceramics in Construction Geoff Edgell
4 Testing in Construction Volume 1: Principles and Practice of Testing in Construction D. Doran and C. Cockerton
5 Uncertainty and Ground Conditions - A Risk Management Approach Martin van Staveren
6 Subsidence Damage to Domestic Buildings Richard Driscoll, Hilary Skinner
7 Reuse of Foundations for Urban Sites - Proceedings of the International Conference A.P. Butcher, J.J.M. Powell, H.D. Skinner
8 Reuse of Foundations for Urban Sites - A best practice Handbook A.P. Butcher, J.J.M. Powell, H.D. Skinner
9 Manual of Soil Laboratory Testing 3rd Edition K.H. Head
10 Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk & Crisis Management F. Oboni & C. Oboni
11 Strength of Materials D.K. Singh
12 Underwater Embankments on Soft Soil: A Case History W.F. Van Impe, R.D. Verastegui Flores
13 Groundwater in Fractured Rocks Jiri Krasny, John M. Sharp
14 Handbook of Geotechnical Investigation and Design Tables Burt Look
15 Internal Erosion of Dams and their Foundations Robin Fell, Jean-Jacques Fry
16 Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis - 2nd Edition M.R. Carter, E.G. Gregorich
17 From Research to Practice In Geotechnical Engineering J.E. Laier, D.K. Crapps, M.H. Hussein
18 Compressibility of Ultra-Soft Soil Myint Win Bo
19 International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering Vol 2 Issue 2 Braja M. Das
20 Limit Analysis and Soil Plasticity Wai-Fah Chen
21 Earth Anchors Braja M. Das
22 Theoretical Foundation Engineering Braja M. Das
23 Reliability-Based Design in Geotechnical Engineering - Computations & Applications Kok-Kwang Phoon
24 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering - Simplified Analyses with Case Studies and Examples Milutin Srbulov
25 Design and Construction of Tunnels - Analysis of Controlled Deformation in Rock and Soils (ADECO-RS) Pietro Lunardi
26 Encyclopedia of Tunnelling, Mining and Drilling Equipment - CD ROM Barbara Stack
27 Ralph B. Peck Educator and Engineer The Essence of the Man John Dunnicliff, Nancy Peck Young
28 Cone Penetration Testing in Geotechnical Practice T. Lunne, P.K. Robertson, J.J.M. Powell
29 Springer Series in Geomechanics & Geoengineering: Shear Localization in Granular Bodies with Micro-Polar Hypoplasticity Jacek Tejchman
30 Reclamation and Ground Improvement M.W. Bo & V. Choa
31 Soil Improvement: Prefabricated Vertical Drain Techniques M.W. Bo, J. Chu, B.K. Low & V. Choa
32 Structural Engineer's Pocket Book, 2nd Edition Fiona Cobb
33 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Ikuo Towhata
34 Cores and Core Logging for Geoscientists Graham A. Blackbourn
35 Ground Gas Handbook S. Wilson, G. Card & S. Haines
36 Rudolph Glossop and the Rise of Geotechnology Ronald E. Williams
37 Geotechnical Engineering Handbook Braja M. Das
38 An introduction to Geotechnical Engineering, 2nd Edition Robert D. Holtz, William D. Kovacs, Thomas C. Sheehan
39 Geotechnical Engineering Principles and Practices, 2nd Edition Donald P. Coduto, Mac-chu Ronald Yeung, William A. Kitch
40 Practical Guide to Green Technology for Ground Engineering Abrahams Mwasha
41 Recommendations for Design and Analysis of Earth Structures using Geosynthetic Reinforcements - EBGEO DGGT Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik e. V. German Geotechnical Society
42 Special Deep Foundation Compendium Volume 2 Methods and Equipment Drilling Rigs and Duty Cycle Crawler Cranes Liebherr BVV
43 Special Deep Foundation Compendium Methods and Equipment Liebherr BVV
44 DeepWater Foundations and Pipeline Geomechanics William O. McCarron
45 Laboratory Testing of Soils, Rocks and Aggregates N. Sivakugan, A. Arulrajah, and M.W. Bo
46 Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering - Practical Soil Dynamics Case Studies in Earthquake and Geotechnical Engineering Milutin Srbulov
47 Geological Engineering Luis Gonzalez de Vallejo, Mercedes Ferrer
48 Recommendations on Piling (EA-Piling) German Geotechnics Association, Essen (DGGT)
49 Recommendations on Excavations German Geotechnics Association, Essen (DGGT)
50 Mechanised Shield Tunnelling Maidl, Bernhard / Herrenknecht, Martin / Maidl, Ulrich / Wehrmeyer, Gerhard
51 Handbook of Tunnel Engineering I Maidl, Bernhard / Thewes, Markus / Maidl, Ulrich
52 Handbook of Tunnel Engineering II Maidl, Bernhard / Thewes, Markus / Maidl, Ulrich
53 Concrete Structures for Wind Turbines Grünberg, Jürgen / Göhlmann, Joachim
54 Ground Vibration Engineering Milutin Srbulov
56 2015 Geotechnical Business Directory Geoworld
57 Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering "Chanllenges and innovations in Geotechnics" Vol 1-4 [ierre Delage, Jacques Desrues, Roger Frank, Alain Puech, Francois Schlosser
58 Earth Retaining Structures U.S Department of Transportation
59 Development of Urban Areas and Geotechnical Engineering Vol 1 and 2 -3 and 4 V.Ulitsky, M. Lisyuk, A. Shashkin
60 Geotechnical Engineering , A practical Problem Solving Approach with DVD N. Sivakugan , Braja M. Das
61 Information Technology in Geo-Engineering Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference ICITG, Dyrham , UK David G. Toll, Hehua Zhu
62 Design of Steel Structures 1st Edition Luis Simoes Da Silva, Rui Simoes , Helena Gervasion
63 Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structures Luis Simoes Da Silva, Rui Simoes , Helena Gervasion
64 Structural Engineering Failures : lessons for Design Nial F. MacAlevey
65 Surface Wafe Methods for Near-Surface Site Characterization Sebastiano Foti, Carlo G. Lai, Glenn J.Rix, Claudio Strobbia
66 Fib Model Code for Concrete Structures 2010 Fib Ceb Fip
67 Ultra- High Perforamce Concrete UHPC Ekkehard Fehling, Michael Schmidt, Joost Walraven, Torsten Leutbecher, Susanne Frohlick
68 Strenghthening of Concrete Structures with Adhesively Bonded Reinforcement Konrad Zilch, Roland Niedermeier, Wolfgang Finckh
69 Modeling, Design and Optimization of Net- Zero Energy Building Andreas Athienitis , William O'Brien
70 Composite Structures according to Eurocode 4 Darko Dujmovic, Boris Androics, Ivan Lukacevic
71 Rock Mechanics Based on an Anisotropic Jointed Rock Model Walter Wittke
72 The technical Avalanche Protection HandBook Rudolf-Miklau,S. Sauermoser, A.I. Mears
73 Computational Methods for Reinforced Concrete Structures Ulrick Haussler-Combe
74 Analogous and digital Otl Aicher
75 The world as Design Otl Aicher
76 Soil and Rock Description in Engineering Practice 2nd Edition David Norbury
77 Slope Safety Preparedness for Impact of Climate Change Ken Ho, Suzanne Lacasse, Luciano Picarelli
78 Reliability of Geotechnical Structures in ISO2394 K.K. Phoon, J.V. Retief
79 Underground Sensing: Monitoring and Hazard Detection For the Environment and Infrastructure Sibel Pamukcu Liang Cheng
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