Designing Better Tailing Dam Facilities

Geotechnical engineers face challenges in designing tailings dam facilities. To produce a well-defined conceptual model, users often encounter complex 3D shapes, and numerous features such as constructed cores, filters, and transition zones.

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Bentley’s SVSLOPE offers innovative solutions for complex models. Users can access the ability to model complex 3D geometries using unique capabilities such as material volume meshes (MVMs). Utilize 3D limit equilibrium method (LEM) to ensure a realistic factor of safety.

Join geotechnical and tailings experts to see:

  • How to develop conceptual models
  • How to build model with MVMs
  • Demos of example models


  • Murray Fredlund, Strategic Advisor, Geotechnical Bentley Systems, Inc.
  • Jon Foster, BGC Engineering, Inc.

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  • webinar SVSLOPE tailings dams SoilVision


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Published 11/05/2020 13:49, updated: 03/02/2021 17:13
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