Digital strategy for a landslide disaster protection project in West Java, Indonesia

WIKA used a 3D digital and reality modeling approach on a landslide disaster protection project in West Java, Indonesia.

A catastrophic landslide affected the road between Bogor and Cianjur two months before the annual Indonesian Homecoming Festival in West Java. Τhe already terrible traffic situation on West Java’s main thoroughfare got worse. The Ministry of Public Works retained PT. Wijaya Karya (WIKA) to provide an effective feasibility study while performing preventive measures on the site. The estimated cost of the project was USD 2.9 million.

The team implemented a 3D digital and reality modeling approach to meet the site challenges and short, five-month timeline. WIKA used a digital 3D BIM and reality modeling solution utilizing Bentley® technology for data capture, design, and construction management.

Using aerial drones and ContextCapture enabled the team to complete the site survey and model existing conditions in one day compared to one week using conventional methods. Bentley’s integrated project delivery platform streamlined workflows to save USD 660,000 and three months in design and construction time, enabling WIKA to meet the accelerated five-month deadline. The collaborative digital BIM approach improved design quality by 95 percent.


  • Using aerial photography and ContextCapture for reality modeling enabled WIKA to save six days capturing existing site conditions compared to traditional survey methods. 
  • Given the landslide-prone site conditions, PLAXIS® was instrumental in performing geological analysis to determine soil-bearing properties for structural design. 
  • OpenRoads and ProStructures optimized roadway design and reinforcement detailing to accommodate the foundation conditions
  • OpenBuildings Designer helped manage accurate 2D and 3D drawing outputs.
  •  Utilizing Bentley Navigator for clash detection and construction simulation minimized design errors and enabled real-time construction monitoring to save a total of USD 158,000 in costs.

Romi Ramadhan, BIM manager at WIKA, said: “With the digital approach, we can optimize the cost, speed up the project schedule, and get an accurate design. Bentley’s BIM solution is the right one to face the challenges.”

Published 06/08/2019 09:52, updated: 03/02/2021 12:16
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