Geopier's rigid inclusions resulted in a $600,000 cost savings

The use of the Geopier rigid inclusions resulted in a $600,000 cost savings for Buccini / Pollin Group and BPGS Construction.

The use of Geopier's composite aggregate/grout rigid inclusions saved time on the construction schedule and resulted in a cost savings compared to an alternative system consisting of a deep foundation and structural slab. This rigid inclusion system provided multiple benefits to the 76ers Fieldhouse project:
• The risk of bulging in the soft organic soils was mitigated and the system provided long-term settlement control.
• A low permeability material (grouted stone) was used to mitigate the risk of groundwater cross-contamination.
• The displacement and tremie method reduced the risk of caving in the soft soils during construction, allowed for the construction of elements beneath the groundwater table and eliminated spoils on this contaminated site.

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Published 21/02/2019 09:48
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