SIG Workshop: Geotechnical Analysis PLAXIS + PlaxFlow – Running a Groundwater Analysis

Pore pressures can have a large impact on soil behavior, so it is important to define your groundwater definition realistically in order to calculate the proper pore pressure distribution. This can be done in various ways – assume a hydrostatic pressure using phreatic levels or use a groundwater flow calculation. With a groundwater flow calculation, you have the option to control if this is a constant groundwater flow field (i.e. steady state), or that it changes in time. Learn more during this Geotechnical Special Interest Group virtual workshop!

Register to 11:30 A.M. GST SIG Workshop

The agenda for the one-hour session includes:

  • Setting up the model for a groundwater flow analysis 
  • Deciding which boundary conditions will work for your situation
  • Combining a groundwater flow analysis with a deformation analysis for a coupled groundwater flow-deformation analysis

The Geotechnical Analysis SIG is open to all Bentley users, so invite your colleagues!

Speaker: Michae van der Sloot, Manager Technical Support, Geotechnical Bentley Systems, Inc.

Register to 11:30 A.M. GST SIG Workshop

Published 11/05/2020 09:40, updated: 11/05/2020 09:55
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