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Geosolum is a polish company which offers comprehensive geological and geophysical services. In our service we offer all kind of geotechnical and geological documentations for engineering purposes (geotechnical opinion, geological-engineering documentations etc.). Our team has high experience in well drilling services (drilling for engineering purposes, macroscopic studies of soils, groundwater level measurements), static and dynamic sounding (CPT, CPTU, DPL, DPSH). We also offer geophysical measurements for shallow purposes as measurements of ground water level, localization of karst, mining residues etc. Geophysical measurements are done by using geoelectrical methods (VES, ERT, IP, SP) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) method. In our equipment we have modern, 5 channel resistivity meter – Ares II and 300 MHz VIY3 radar. Working in upper Silesia region allow us to conduct complicated projects for engineering purposes. Historical and currently mining activity implies negative factors which significantly influences on existed and planned buildings. As young and experienced team we are not afraid to do complicated and untypical projects. Proposal for architects, developers or building companies Our high experience and required qualification allow us to assess if planned investment is suitable choice. Based on knowledge and data from our archive we are able to estimate risk of negative influence from mining activity. Proposal for private investors Detailing geotechnical information are needed before starting building of planned investment. We do all kind of required geotechnical investigations according to obligatory law for designed buildings. Furthermore we offer geophysical investigation for mining residues detection. Proposal for geologist companies, universities We are interested in exchanging experiences with different companies and universities. In our history we collaborate with private public companies what allows us to extend our knowledge. We also are interested in participation in conferences. We also decide to train students from University of Silesia as part of obligatory student’s internship.


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