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Intergeo Baltic

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INTERGEO was founded in 1983 in Salzburg, Austria. Company performs wide variety of environmental projects including soil, groundwater investigation, remediation and geotechnics. INTERGEO have more than 400 industry field specialists and professionals. INTERGEO have over more than 27 branches worldwide. INTERGEO focus their professional work on central, eastern and northern Europe. INTERGEO is currently working on more than hundreds of projects worldwide. Up to date INTERGEO have finished more than 10 000 contaminated site and environmental investigation projects, as well as monitoring, also successfully completed more than 2 000 soil and groundwater remediation projects. We are company INTERGEO branch in Baltic states, particularly located in Latvia – INTERGEO Baltic. Our service portfolio focuses on the following services: Pollution and geotechnical investigation; Design and engineering; Remediation; Environment, health and safety; Waste management. We perform projects not only in Latvia, but also in other EU countries. Our clients mainly are private persons, small to large sized companies, governments, cities, municipalities and communities.


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