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At Piletest we develop and manufacture systems for quality-control/quality-assurance of deep foundations since 1996. Our focus has always been on quality, modularity, and ease of use. Quality - All products undergo extensive testing, including pressure chamber, vibration table, heat oven, and more, and carry a full three (3) year warranty (Excluding physical damage). Modularity - We focus on building pile testing systems, not on computers. Therefore, all our products connect to a standard PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone via USB, or Bluetooth connection. This approach minimizes your downtime and keeps you up-to-date and independent, and reduces your overall costs. Ease of use - We take simplicity and usability very seriously. As a result, no formal training is usually required and our users usually start using our systems out-of-the-box within minutes. Our ease-of-use know-how is based on years of fieldwork before started designing our own equipment. Support - It is important for us, as well as it is for you, that your final product—the test report, is of the highest standards. To help you with this, we provide free on-the-job training. We also support you with the analysis of your first projects and can revise the next ones and comment on the following ones until we are both satisfied with the results.


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