Discussion Topic : 1st Scott Sloan Lecture

On June 27th the 1st Scott Sloan honour lecture was held in London during the Scott Sloan Memorial Session of the NUMGE conference.

Prof. David Potts gave a lecture entitled "Using Nonlocal Strains to Achieve Objectivity in Finite Element Analyses".

TC103 thanks and congratulates with the organizers and the speakers.

The 2st Scott sloan lectures, Prof. David Potts, (left) and the Vice-Chair of TC 103, Prof. Schweiger (right) at the endo of the honour lecture at NUMGE conference

Posted: 04/08/2023 08:51

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Abdiel Ramon Leon Bal

Congratulations! Delighted to see how the applicability of the PFEM in geomechanics is being continously extended.

Long Duc Phung

Congratulation, Prof. Potts!
Dr. Phung Duc Long
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Aikins Derrick

Congratulations Prof. Potts

Igor Fomenko

Congratulations Prof. Potts