Discussion Topic : Analysis of advancing tunnel by 2-dimensional FEM

I'm trying to found the paper "Analysis of advancing tunnel by 2-dimensional FEM". Author: Ohnishi, Y. et. al. Someone in the group could help me to found it?. Thank you very much.


Posted: 18/08/2020 14:57
Carlos Josué Carrera Sanjur

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Jörg-Martin Hohberg

To Carlos J. Carrera Sanjur

Dear Carlos

I don't have this paper either, but perhaps I could assist you from my own experience in 2D/3D tunnelling analysis?

Ragards, Martin Hohberg

Carlos Josué Carrera Sanjur

Hi Jörg!. Thank you by your answer. I sent you a message by researchgate but I guess maybe is better ask you by here. I was looking the paper of Ohnishi because it is very simple, I guess. Thank you.