Ms. Soria Maria

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  • Geologist


  • Oil & Gas

  • PhD or Equivalent
    • Licenciada en Ciencias Geológicas - Universidad Nacional del Sur : 01/04/2021 - Present
  • BSc or Equivalent
    • Graduate in Geology - Universidad Nacional del Sur : 24/03/2008 - 01/05/2016

  • Caspian Oil Services Management Incorporation Kazakhstan, Atyrau : ( 23/07/2018 - 22/10/2018 )
    • Geologist Junior

    • Achievements: To determine the profitable stimulation reservoir mechanism to apply in the oilfield, located in the Caspio Basin. Present to the company the Argentinian hydrocarbon basins’, the technics of prospection, exploration and extraction applied. Show the politic Argentinian energy management.
      Responsibilities: Oil & Gas prospection and exploration. Collecting well data (well location, lithology, petrophysics, and stratigraphy), examining and describing continuous core samples (macroscopically description of colour, texture and structure)
  • Cerro Cazador SA. Comapny : ( 01/01/2016 - 01/02/2016 )
    • Geologist asistant

    • Assisted Professional Practice. Responsibilities Geological and mining prospection of the centre nordwest of the Deseado Massif (Province of Santa Cruz). Mapping and sampling (macroscopically description: lithology, texture and structures). Construction of maps 1:500. Technical reports of geological and mining interest. Teamwork.

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