Mr. Housam Ali

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Structural Engineer - University of Pécs

  • Civil Engineer Geotechnical Engineer


  • Settlements Shallow Foundations Retaining Walls Deep Excavations Slope Stabilization Rock Mass Characterization Tunneling in Rock
    Tunneling in Soils Jacked Tunnels Underground Structures Pavement Railway Geotechnics Pile Foundations

  • MSc or Equivalent
    • MPhil in Tunnelling ( Master of Philosophy IN Civil Engineering ) - University of Exeter : 01/09/2004 - 01/01/2007
  • BSc or Equivalent
    • BSc in Geotechnical Engineering - AL-Baath University : 01/09/1996 - 01/09/2001

  • University of Pécs : ( 01/09/2017 - Present )
    • Structural Engineer
  • Syrian Railways : ( 01/05/2009 - 01/03/2016 )
    • Civil Engineer

    • i am tunnel Engineer in charge of Constructing underground tunnels and tunnels through rocks and mountains considering the tunneling machines, methods of construction and health, safety considerations as well as using slurry technique to stabilize tunnels, and using the anchoring method to support tunnelling system.
      in addition, i am experienced in Pipe - Jacking Technology
       and i have experience in Repairing Bridges using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Composites.

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Arabic High High High
English High High High
German Low Low Low

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