Geotechnical investigation Guideline for Onshore Gas Pipeline

Hi everyone, Im involved in some Gas pipeline projects, and I'm looking for good and reliable material related to geotechnical investigation for Gas Pipelines and considerations for the pipeline alignment. Do have any material or reference to share?
Thank you

Oil and Gas Design Construction Geotechnical Investigations & In-Situ Testing

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Heinrich K Heinz

Hello Sidney,

I am not aware of any single reference that would cover the entire topic. ASCE published a Manual on Pipeline Crossings years ago (1996) that had some good guidelines for HDD. More recently, MONESS RIZKALLA AND RODNEY READ published a book titled PIPELINE GEOHAZARDS: PLANNING, DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATIONS (ASME Press Books, New York 2018 I think - but note this is an expensive book). Other than this I think you will need to look for individual papers and build up your own collection. Good luck!

Heinrich Heinz (Calgary, Canada)

PS If you send me an email I will try to send you a couple papers:

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Sidney Mougueret De Abreu

Dear Heinrich

Thank you very much for you kind email

I will look for the information that you mentioned and follow your advice

Best regards and Happy 2021 for you and your family