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Published: 27 March 2020

To ensure a smooth transition of work and effectiveness of your daily workflows with gINT we have assembled this wiki to help ensure a smooth transition of work from home with gINT applications.

When working remotely, the best practice is to send a company issued laptop or access remotely.

If you are accessing files from a laptop at home and your gINT files (project, library, datatemplate) are located on a company server you would need VPN access.

The user may experience slowness or a perceived lag in performance. The perceptions may be caused due to a variety of non-gINT hurdles such as Wi-Fi bandwidth, VPN bandwidth, etc. An alternative would be to copy your gINT files locally (project, library, datatemplate).

Machine requirements

There are several options to work remotely. You may decide to install the software on your home computer. 

We Recommend Windows 10 Pro with all current updates and a minimum of 4GB Ram.

Currently supported are Windows 8 Pro 64-bit and Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

Downloading Software

All Bentley software is downloaded from the Bentley Software Downloads pages:

General download and installation directions are available here.

  • You need to be a CONNECTED user to download and use gINT.
  • During of installation of products, the CONNECTION Client will also be installed.
    • The Bentley CONNECTION Client is the mechanism to sign-in and entitle all current Bentley applications.
    • Sign-in using your work email address. If your company has a federated sign-in with Bentley, then the password will be your company password, otherwise use your Bentley password.
  • After initial connection, you can check out a license to work offline if necessary, see Reserving a License
  • When starting any gINTproduct the first time, be sure to select the right option (gINT Logs, gINT Professional, gINT Professional Plus). If you are not sure which license option or tier to use check with your local administrator first.

Accessing Product Documentation

  • Product Manuals are installed with your application are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\gINTCL\docs, and the Help menu inside the programs have extensive knowledgebase.

How do I find out who my site Administrator(s) are?

Your organization can have one or more Administrators who can assist with Bentley license management, downloads, assigning permission, etc. A list of your Administrators can be seen by going to Below the Welcome Banner, click on the 'How are you CONNECTED?' link; you will find a list of your site Administrators in the “Administrators” tab (with email addresses)

Resolving licensing issues

How to Get Help

Please check this video presentation that explains the effective workflow for using gINT at home or remotely.

the best practice is to send a company issued laptop or access remotely.


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