About Us

GeoWorld was created in 2011 jointly by the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) and Geoengineer.org, an International Center for Information Dissemination on Geoengineering.

GeoWorld is an International Professional Network for Geoengineering. It’s a free online platform functioning as a mean of communication for geoengineers and associated fields.

Our mission is to create a professional networking tool where everyone involved in the broad field of geoengineering will have the opportunity to benefit from the continuous and interactive communication among colleagues, companies and professional organizations in the field.

Our Vision for GeoWorld is that it will revolutionize the way information is circulated and even generated in the geoengineering field. It will serve as a Platform to promote professional interactions, foster the formation of formal and informal groups, and support innovation in the geoengineering field at a global scale.

ISSMGE and Geoengineer.org have created a user-friendly platform where you can share your professional information, identify and connect with colleagues, link to technical committees and professional organizations, become associated with companies and form groups to support your professional activities. All at no cost.

In addition to all your technical information, you can also update your status or comment on other user’s status, participate or create a poll, a discussion, ask a question, upload or download videos, photos or even publications (subject to copyright permission) or even host your own poll.

Join our community and explore the infinite opportunities created by GeoWorld!

GeoWorld Team