Generate charts with historical Geotechnical Business Confidence Index data for each country!

GeoWorld is pleased to announce a new feature of the Geotechnical Business Confidence Index.

After collecting data for more than a year, the Geotechnical Business Confidence Index allows you to look at the results for each country on a quarter to quarter basis. This allows you to see the evolution of the geotechnical business conditions for each country for a longer period of time. The chart also allows to make comparisons of the business conditions for different countries! The chart above is just an example of the 1-yr GBCI for the United States, the UK, Japan and Australia.

What you can do"

- Select quarter range, countries, 1-year or 5-year span and click on submit.

- You can select up to 20 different countries.

- You can print or download chart as image

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