Disseminate technical content and reach 2500+ geotechs through the new section “Resources”!

GeoWorld's brand-new resources section expands the blog functionality of your GeoWorld account and enables you to share technical content based on your personal or collaborative technical work (white paper, research paper, other unpublished material) and can even include a digital object identifier (DOI) so that the work can be properly acknowledged or recognized.

What type of content can I share?

The possibilities are endless but the content that you publish can vary from simple opinion posts or announcements, to datasets Here are a few examples:

  • Promote professional activities and events, such as a call for papers for a conference;
  • Share your opinion on professional experiences, such as industry news, professional experiences, books and articles you read, etc;
  • Post updates on your professional life, such as a change in employment, a search for employment, a publication of a paper, or simply that you plan to attend a specific event;
  • Talk about new content you have created, such as publications, articles, webinars or videos, to attract attention to your work or company, and potentially generate leads;
  • Announce new services, products or events you or your company are offering


How do I share my technical content?

Simple! From the activity page, click the Publish Content button and follow the the popup to choose to either write a standard blog post or share your research with an option of including a DOI!


GeoWorld Resources Features

  • You can attach various types of files to your articles. Automatically a gallery will be shown for images or videos you upload.
  • You can request to issue DOIs to your research articles. We will be then notifying you about visits to pages of your content
  • You can index your work through geotechnical categories, keywords and geographic locations provided your content is related to a location. We will then promote your content to members of the community that share these interests
  • You can enable/disable commenting on your articles and be notified each time someone comments on your content



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