Introducing Our New Polls Feature!

GeoWorld is thrilled to introduce a brand-new feature on its platform Polls!

Now you can create engaging polls, share them with the community, and gather valuable opinions on various topics. Whether you want to know the best geotechnical software to use, the most popular conference to attend, or opinions on the latest industry trends, Polls has got you covered.

What's new?

  • Create Polls: Easily start a poll by adding your polls title, description, choose options, and a closing date. It's that simple!
  • Real-Time Results: Poll owners can follow the votes in real-time and see what community members think. Participants can only access results once the poll has closed.

How to Get Started:

  1. Navigate to Polls: Find the new Polls feature in your main menu and navigate to polls index page.
  2. Create a Poll: Click on 'Create Poll' button, fill in your question, add options, set a close date, and hit 'Publish'.
  3. Start Poll: Once ready, go to edit poll, click on 'Start Poll' button and share with the entire GeoWorld community.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Interactive and Fun: Polls make it easy to interact with your community in a fun and engaging way.
  • Quick Feedback: Get instant feedback on your ideas, questions, or just satisfy your curiosity.
  • Community Building: Strengthen your bonds with fellow members by discussing poll results and sharing insights.


Join us and be a part of this exciting new journey. Start creating your polls today and let your voice be heard!



To celebrate the launch of our Polls feature, were hosting a poll on data management software, ran by DCOdes, which is part of ARGO-E GROUP cyber infrastructure!


Your vote matters! Share your preference and help us identify the most popular tools among our community of geotechnical engineers.


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