We present you the results of the "Geotechnical Business Confidence Survey" by GeoWorld, for the 3nd quarter of 2017!

GeoWorld is pleased to announce the results of the third quarter of its Geotechnical Business Confidence Index.

The Geotechnical Business Confidence Index is derived based on the responses of geotechnical engineers, members of GeoWorld, on what they expect the business conditions to be in the next 1 year and the next 5 years compared to a “normal” year. The survey isconducted quarterly and the results are processed separately for each country. The index is the only indicator of geotechnical business conditions globally. A score of 100 indicates that the conditions are expected to be significantly better than a “normal” year, whereas a score of about 50 indicates the business conditions are about the same as a “normal” year. Scores less than 50 indicate bad business conditions.

The results for the third quarter are here and are really interesting again:

 Very good business conditions for the next year are reported again by GW members in countries like Argentina, Kenya, Colombia, Mexico (before the earthquake; would be interesting to see the next quarter) and Germany. Good business conditions are also reported again in the US, UK, Australia, as well as Russia and China. Conditions remain the same for countries like Brazil, Iran and Algeria. The conditions remain bad for countries like Greece, Iraq, South Korea while Italy and Spain seem to be joining this group. The worst conditions of all are reported in Ukraine and Venezuela. Overall, GBCI seems to be correlated to the known economic and political hardships of these countries.

To participate in the results of the fourth quarter of 2017, please click here: https://www.mygeoworld.com/confidence-index and fill in the 30-sec survey until the end of December!

Published 06/10/2017 12:09, updated: 06/10/2017 12:18