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CONTROLS GROUP USA, INC. provides a comprehensive range of materials testing products and services for the US and Canadian construction markets with offices and warehouse located in the Chicago metro area. With almost half a century of design and manufacturing experience and knowledge of testing equipment, the Controls Group can offer the most comprehensive range of testing equipment for the construction industry in the USA. From traditional equipment for ASTM and AASHTO standards to the most sophisticated PC closed loop-controlled dynamic systems for highway design, pavement research and geotechnical engineering. No one single company can offer such a comprehensive and complete range of testing equipment directly to the US market. In addition to the Controls comprehensive product line we can offer you our specific brands: IPC Global – the researchers’ choice for advanced for advanced asphalt and bitumen testing equipment Wykeham Farrance – global leader in advanced soil testing equipment The equipment designed and manufactured for these markets are of the highest quality and specification suitable for use in the areas of research and product development. IPC Global is at the forefront of developing new dynamic testing techniques for pavement design and Wykeham Farrance is synonymous with all aspects of advanced geotechnical laboratory testing.  Our IPC Global range also offers a suite of high specification testing equipment to support the move to a more performance based approach to road materials testing. Our customers in North America can now benefit from the technology partnership with Controls Group engineers and technicians to drive innovation and bring the latest advances in testing technology to their laboratories. Control Group USA is available and ready to work with you to satisfy your construction materials testing equipment requirements and provide technical support if it is needed.  Our website shows the full range of equipment available to you and can be used to request product prices or information. Alternatively call directly to any of the telephone numbers listed below and speak to one of our experienced sales and technical personnel.    


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