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Drash Consultants (Drash), a multi-discipline consulting firm, possesses multiple years of experience in both public and private sectors. The combined experience of our employees consisting of engineers, scientists and technicians, is over 200 years.  Our primary objective on each project is to work with the client, design team and contractor to develop quality cost effective solutions.  We achieve this objective by promoting our staff to be innovative, yet practical, in their thinking and approach to the project not only as it relates to our services but the overall project. We provide personal and principal attention to every project.  Regardless of the size and type of project or working conditions, we will deliver prompt and comprehensive results.  Our greatest asset is the ability to quickly adapt our scope of services to the specific needs of each client and project. This is because we are a business with highly qualified staff that can provide the individual attention that our clients and projects need to be successful. Drash is available and committed to each and every client to perform our services for any projects we are awarded in a professional, cost effective and time sensitive manner.  Our services include, but are not limited to:  Geotechnical Engineering; Environmental Services; Geologic Assessments; Forensic Engineering; Pavement Design; Expert Consultation; Foundation Design; Construction Materials Testing; Third Party Reviews; Retaining Wall Design; Special Inspections; and Subsurface Groundwater Control. As previously stated, the services listed above are provided to the public sector and a diverse group of private entities.  The key individuals with Drash have extensive experience in foundation analysis and design; in-situ testing; instrumentation and performance monitoring; slope stability analysis; excavation retention system design; retaining wall design; pavement design; soil stabilization and ground improvement; groundwater control; construction materials testing and engineering; forensic investigation and evaluation relating to construction and design; and environmental consulting relating to environmental site assessments (ESA) for Phase I, II and III ESAs, Brownfield assessments, LPST assessments, SPCC plans, environmental impact assessments (EIA), remedial investigations of soil, water, waste media, geological assessments and water pollution abatement plans (WPAPs), storm water pollution prevention plans and NEPA consulting as needed. Drash, with its own personnel and resources, can provide these services for projects adhering to required state and/or federal regulations.  Our services are designed to answer the difficult questions.  For each project, we balance the project scope and project recommendations with our client’s best interest in mind.  These services may be precipitated by federal, state or local regulatory agencies, or by the client’s concern of limited or potential future liabilities. We see our role not as just a geotechnical engineer, but as our client’s business partner. As a partner, we take a realistic approach emphasizing strategic management of our client’s activities with sensitivity toward the bottom line.


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