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The TGC companies were born in 1984 with the purpose of offering consulting services in Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Construction. In both fields we work with technical knowledge and professional training as a basis to identify the best solutions in safety and cost. This sum of the talents of consultants and builders allows us to maintain the continuous search of the procedures and tools to satisfactorily solve the cases that our clients entrust us. From the first day we plan the integration of our skills and experiences to be able to perform the most advanced procedures of exploration, analysis, interpretation, construction and control of the projects and works entrusted to us. The lived experiences support the solutions we propose. In the intervening years we have participated in many hundreds of geotechnical challenges of all sizes: from small buildings to large bridges, industrial plants, historical monuments, port facilities, airports, housing units, unstable slopes, tunnels, subway lines, post-earthquake recconnaissance, etc. To get ahead of many of these cases we have adopted technologies from other countries and also developed devices, tools and machines that did not exist. TGC Geotecniais a company dedicated to geotechnical consulting in its daily work follows a rigorous methodology that starts with the most advanced exploration and sampling procedures, performs the most recognized field tests, its traditional and numerical analysis methods are always updated and their solutions and recommendations are elaborated and reviewed until they are feasible, safe and reasonably priced. His most frequent work is to do geotechnical studies for all kinds of architectural and engineering works, he carries out studies and executive projects of cases in which the geotechnical aspects are predominant, such as tunnels and earth structures, practicing the technical supervision of the studies in which he intervened , and also carries out environmental studies and monitoring. TGC Ingeniería is the Geotechnical Construction company that is responsible for executing the specialized works in the subsoil; Its main ability is to adapt a structure to the natural and sometimes peculiar behavior of the soil of a site, as well as to carry out the corrective actions that are required to increase the safety of a foundation and of rock or soil slopes. Among his most frequent works are reinforcing the foundation of a structure, stabilizing the slopes of an excavation or a highway, installing the different types of anchoring that may be required, improving the behavior of a floor, revamping inclined buildings, recuming structures with micropiles, installing and operating pumping systems, injecting and draining soils and rocks into earth and concrete dams, constructing vehicle underpasses on roads and highways, and also horizontally attaching steel tubes. In short, the commitment of TGC Ingeniería is to complement the builders of new structures with the geotechnical devices they may need, and to help correct deficiencies in the foundations and in general of the earth structures.


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