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Uretek Mid-Atlantic is an experienced Design-Build, Geotechnical Contractor with a record of proven performance in diverse soil conditions. Every project benefits from our experienced, professional staff, assuring quick and professional results. Full Service Geotechnical Contractor Services Include: Soil Stabilization Our patented Deep Injection process fills voids and compacts soils to increase the load bearing capacity, with minimal disturbance. Residential, industrial, and commercial clients have benefited from decreased project costs as a result of using our innovative method. Earth Retention Uretek’s Professional Engineers use their extensive experience to develop the most cost-effective methods of retaining lateral loads.  Soil nailing, helical tiebacks, rock anchors, and mechanical anchors are techniques used to retain soils, stabilize slopes and landslides. Structural Support We specialize in designing and building support solutions to match our customers’ plans and pockets. Helical piers and micropiles are some of the drilling services that we offer. As a full service Geotechnical Contractor, we are capable of customizing a plan of action using a combination of geotechnical solutions.


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