Dan Brown and Associates, PC

Dan Brown and Associates, PC

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Dan Brown and Associates, PC (DBA) is a consulting engineering firm specializing in geotechnical and foundation engineering, with emphasis on problem solving relating to foundation engineering and slope stability problems.  Dr. Dan Brown, P.E., D.GE founded DBA in 2004 to serve the niche of deep foundation specialist to designers, contractors, and owners.  Although DBA is well known for their expertise in drilled shaft foundations, they also are sought for their knowledge and experience with driven piles, micropiles, augercast piles, other deep foundation systems, and ground improvement systems. Another area of focus for DBA is slope stability.  Analyzing failed slopes is a large part of this work, including designing repairs for failed slopes.  DBA has expertise and experience in using a variety of systems for slope stabilization or repair, including soil nails, micropiles, and rock anchors.


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