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The seismoelectric survey is a new and advanced technology combined the electro kinetic potential method with seismics. DC-4800 Seismoelectric Ground-Flow Locator receives both seismic signal and seismoelectric signal generated by the same seismic source. Since 2011, Seismo Electronic has carried out ~400 commercial cases including locating water, geothermal and hydrocarbons around world—with 90% success rate in groundwater surveys. The subsurface penetration is 4000 M (13123 feet). Our interpreted seismoelectric data is 70% match the well log with 2% cost of well log. To make use of this pseudo well log survey tech, we detecting the deeper saturated fractures in the complex structures with high success rate. DC-4800 Seismoelectric survey can give 3D aquifer models to avoid a dry hole in geothermal exploration. Last year we did 5 geothermal exploration projects in Japan.;


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