Enar Geotechnical Engineers and Consultants

Enar Geotechnical Engineers and Consultants

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ENAR Engineers Architects and Consultants Ltd. Company was incorporated in 1992.  Since then ENAR is a company of experts in Soil Mechanics and Foundation (Geotechnical) Engineering and serves also in Tunneling Engineering projects. ENAR, is aiming to design all the projects within requirements defined by the national and the international standards.  Enar is pursuing all developments in its area via the high educated Engineers employed in its projects. ENAR has been involved in several projects in Turkey and abroad. In these projects ENAR had performed in soil mechanics and geotechnical and tunneling engineering investigations, had served as geotechnical consultant, quality control and technical control and also designed most of the projects. ENAR is an expert in site investigations and reporting.  It performs soil investigation borings, in-situ tests like Cone Penetration Tests, Menard Pressuremeter Tests, Loading Tests, In-Situ Permeability Tests and geophysical surveys and laboratory tests on the samples from the site. ENAR has designed, consulted and been involved in the survey stage of several projects such as high rise buildings, highways, dock constructions, industrial structures, garbage tanks, and treatment facilities, tunnel-metro, cut and covers, deep excavations, viaducts, bridges, collectors, thermal and natural gas power plants, pond and irrigation canal constructions. ENAR had worked as the consultant and the designer of many retrofitting projects of destroyed and weakened buildings after earthquake in the earthquake region. ENAR had performed the consideration of earthquake safety of the buildings in accordance with Earthquake Regulations, designed the retrofitting and underpinning projects and worked as the controller of the projects. ENAR has considered the state of corroded reinforced concrete and steel structures, piers and docks; designed the reinforcement projects and worked as the consultant and the controller in retrofitting of the systems.


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