Geoscience Engineering & Laboratory Services

Geoscience Engineering & Laboratory Services

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Our services include: 1- Engineering Consultancy and Studies 2- Construction Services 3- Shoring and Piling 4- Quality Control 5- Construction Materials Testing 6 -Soil Investigation 7- Agricultural Soil Testing 8- Concrete Testing (fresh and Hardened) 9- Steel Testing 10- Asphalt Testing 11- Tiles, Stones, Pipes...etc 12- Structural Assessment 13- Hydrology Studies 14- Waterproofing Materials 15- Geotechnical Investigations However, we will seize this opportunity to highlight our intensive experience in the above referred engineering domains with an outstanding knowledge of concrete technology and geotechnical studies. A result of 14 years in the industry dealing with national and international contractors and consultants in Lebanon and Gulf will be invested in every new challenge while providing the best service and quality.


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