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GeoTech Lining Corporation

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GeoTech Lining Corporation is a successful, energetic and innovative company which deals in Geomembrane, GeoTextiles, E-Locks, Poly Locks, Dimpled Membrane, HDPE Geomembrane, PVC Geomembrane. Since its incorporation in 2006 the company has grown quickly into the largest independent geosynthetics supplier in the Pakistan employing over 50 people. The company has earned an excellent reputation for high quality products and installation capability, committed delivery and high levels of customer service, all of which are the cornerstones of the company’s commitment to its customers in the Pakistan civil engineering and construction industries. GeoTech Lining Corporation now has stocks worth in excess of PKR5,000,000. Not just a product supplier, GeoTech Lining Corporation provides “inspired solutions for civil engineering” through its team of design and application engineers. Using extensive knowledge of product and applications the team are developing an enviable reputation for innovative and sustainable solutions that not only achieve the desired objectives but also save time and reduce costs.


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