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IGM offers a broad range of services, from our consulting services for structures foundations and Project management to the supervision of onshore and offshore works. The purpose of our work is to make possible the interaction between man and soil in the construction works always looking to ensure the highest quality and performance. We aim to produce structures of value, in order to contribute positively in the quality of living of our community. Our main goal is, without a doubt, to satisfy the needs of our clients by offering them a broad range of efficient and cost-effective services and products. We rely on our experience, our excellent client service and of course on our commitment with the projects we carry on in order to help our Clients achieve their project goals. We are a team of experienced, responsive, credentialed and efficient consultants with solid knowledge in Geotechnical engineering. We would like to show you all the possibilities and options we have at your disposal. We are convinced that we are going to offer you a complete solution tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. We firmly believe in establishing and cultivating a strong teamwork which has resulted in our Clients coming back to us time and time again. Among our services we can mention: - Geotechnical design of shallow and deep foundations - Analysis and design of soil nailing systems and retaining structures - Deep foundation analysis - Determining of P-Y, T-Z and Q-Z curves for the soil-pile-structure interaction analysis - Assessment of the Pile group effect - Evaluation of liquefaction potential and liquefaction factor of safety - Design of flexible and rigid pavements - Slope stability (static, pseudo-static and dynamic) including structures such as docks and berths - Seismic hazard assessment - Site response analysis, generation of synthetic seismograms and determination of design spectra. - Dynamic and static soil-structure interaction analysis. - Numerical modelling of geo-materials. (Dynamic analysis, soil liquefaction analysis, consolidation analysis and seepage analysis). - Seepage analysis under steady-state and transient –state conditions. - Static and dynamic analysis of tunnels and shafts . - Seismic analysis of bridges and elevated viaducts. - Seismic analysis of dams. - Pile drivability (or pile-driving) by the wave equation. - Three dimensional analysis of underground structures using the Finite Element Method and the Finite Difference Method. - Numerical simulation of constructive processes. - Numerical simulation of structures subjected to regional consolidation process. - Evaluation of the topographic effects in the seismic response of structures. - Design of main piles and skirt pile, including: generation of P-Y, T-Z and Q-Z curves, pile analysis with SACS, detail engineering plans and geotechnical design of platforms at depths over 100 m. - Design of base plate. Ground bearing capacity, overturn and sliding stability, stress design, detail engineering plans - Determination of the pile driving sequence, minimum depth of piles to guarantee the safety of the structure during adverse environmental conditions. -Preparation of geotechnical studies (including field and laboratory testing).


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