Midas Research & Development Centre India Pvt. Ltd.

Midas Research & Development Centre India Pvt. Ltd.

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The MIDAS Solutions have been developed since 1989 and used commercially since 1996. Their reliability has been established through applying them over a countless number of real projects. The company was officially incorporated in September 1, 2000, and it was formerly operated under the auspices of POSCO Group. MIDAS IT also has corporate offices in the UK, US, China, Japan and India. MIDAS IT consists of structural software developers and professional engineers with significant practical experience. Currently, over 250 developers and structural engineers with extensive experience support the company. One of our strengths is to respond to the needs of the practising engineers extremely fast.


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  • Foundation design Slope stability Underground constructions/Tunneling Rock mechanics Earthquake Engineering & Soil Dynamics Ground improvement Flow & Seepage

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