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Nebulare is the owner of dotSlope, a modern slope stability software for PCs, Macs and tablets. dotSlope is a professional-grade web/mobile app for civil, geotechnical and mining engineers.It allows the analysis of slope stability problems through the limit equilibrium theory. Its acclaimed user-friendliness allows the study of both simple and very complex situations, using the most popular and widely accepted methods for computing the slope stability factor of safety, the probability of failure or the reliability index. dotSlope is used for slope stability analysis and design in geotechnical and mining engineering projects involving, but not limited to: • complex soil stratigraphy• complex pore-water pressure conditions• complex slip surface geometry• ground reprofiling• multi-stage analyses• point and surface loads along with earthquake effects• soil reinforcement and stabilization techniques• slope stability probabilistic approach (Monte Carlo)• sensitivity analyses dotSlope is accessible at dotSlope or


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