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We drive forward expertise in the structure and behaviour of all ground conditions, to become better managers of our built and natural world. As an acknowledged leader in geotechnics, Arup is often asked to push the essential skill and science of designing and building structures in the ground. Wherever difficult ground conditions, sensitive environments or ambitious projects present geotechnical challenges, Arup provides robust and advanced solutions. Our geotechnical expertise underpins Arup’s work on projects from building designto infrastructure for water, energy, mining, rail, highways and aviation. To the full range of geotechnical needs, we bring interconnected skills in foundation and landfill engineering, environmental geotechnics, hydrogeology, tunnel and seismic design,geographic information systems, engineering geology and many specialised services. Meeting complex challenges Arup supports its geotechnical experts to innovate by investing in research and rigorous ongoing training and development. We continuously take on ambitious projects to stay at the forefront of our field. For the design of the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory, a major science facility 7,400ft below ground in South Dakota, USA, we tackled the demands of extreme rock depths and pressures. There can also be considerable complexity in aligning clients’ sustainability and business objectives. On the A650 Bingley Relief Road, our geotechnical engineers and environmental consultants worked closely with the contractor to ensure sympathetic construction techniques protected ecologically delicate sites, while still ensuring the highway was delivered three months ahead of schedule. Related Publications Geothermal Energy How we support developers through all stages of a geothermal project – from initial feasibility studies to geophysical testing and design. View Preventing construction pitfalls By providing a sound basis of geotechnical analysis, Arup saves clients wasted time and money by identifying the best planning, design, construction and maintenance choices from the outset. Our geotechnical investigations at Blaydin Point, Australia, are guiding major investment decisions about the siting of onshore facilities for oil and gas operations. Our expertise reduces risk where consequences are high – such as in large cavern spaces beneath New York on Second Avenue Subway. On building developments worldwide our sophisticated modelling techniques help define the best approach to foundations – cutting out costly changes and mistakes – such as in the tight basement envelope beneath Central St Giles in London. Clients, contractors and insurers also turn to Arup for expert geotechnical expert advice when things do not go according to plan. Reshaping our cities Urban populations are mushrooming around the globe, putting increasing pressures on our environment and on space for housing, commerce and leisure. Our understanding of ground conditions is helping clients reconsider the way they use space. Our Enhanced Use of Underground Space Study is a key element in the Hong Kong government’s drive to promote cavern development to release precious above-ground space for the overall benefit of the community. Elsewhere, we are putting high-level thinking into practice with projects such asXiamen Xiang’an Tunnel, the first subsea tunnel in mainland China. Our work, including a ground improvement design and studies of tunnel stability and deformation, helped ensure the success of the dual three-land road tunnel, which cuts road travel time between Xiamen Island and Xiang'an District from 90 to nine minutes.


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