Project X Corrosion Engineering

Project X Corrosion Engineering

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Our lab provides soil corrosivity testing, forensics, and corrosion control recommendation reports with 5 day turn around time, Sulfate only $20, water corrosivity testing, corrosive bacteria testing, thermal resistivity testing, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), stress analysis (ANSYS), positive material identification (PMI), Wenner 4 pin field work, corrosion surveys, cathodic protection, condition assessments, metallurgy lab, and failure investigations. Reports stamped by NACE Corrosion Technologist and California Professional Engineer. When you need to know WHY you have a corrosion problem or HOW to control your problem, call Project X. All of our prices are on our website. We also investigate sources of lead contamination in water, corrosion rate evaluations, soil corrosivity reports with corrosion control recommendations for general construction materials, and exploring new technologies. Our skills range from field work soil resistivity testing to metallurgical analysis of metals, microhardness testing, use of scanning electron microscopy, portable XRF alloy analysis (PMI), microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) testing, and other CSI (CORROSION SCENE INVESTIGATION) techniques. If you have a strange engineering problem or need corrosion control recommendations, we'd love hearing about it.


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