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SMECON Testing Services, is a client-oriented engineering firm providing a full range of consultant services to the design, engineering and construction industries. Our services include structural and ground/ geotechnical engineering, construction management, pavement engineers, piping engineers, inspection engineers, environmental assessment, materials testing, laboratory and on-site inspection services. Our staff of registered professional engineers and certified technicians is committed to providing high quality services to our commercial, government and private clients.


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  • Drilling Environmental Remediation Excavations & retaining structures Field testing Foundations General Geosynthetics
    Ground improvement Laboratory testing Slope stabilization Tunneling Offshore & marine works Deep compaction Drilling Excavations Field testing General construction Geosynthetics Ground improvement Laboratory testing Field testing providers Laboratory testing providers Drains & pipes & drainage materials Fill material General construction Geosynthetics Grouting/injection materials Piles & sheet piles Foundation design Slope stability Underground constructions/Tunneling Rock mechanics Site characterization Earthquake Engineering & Soil Dynamics Data Management & Reporting Geophysics Retaining walls & excavations Geosynthetics Ground improvement Flow & Seepage Geotechnical Engineering firms

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