Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt

Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt

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SSIGE is a part of EHE-Consulting Group. EHE-Consulting Group is a full-service architecture, engineering, construction management and program management firm with the most creative employees. EHE pool of highly trained, experienced staff offers practical and creative solutions to enhance the overall business performance of its broad array of clients. The diverse matrix of EHE clients includes markets such as transportation, health care, education, industry, telecommunication, and urban planning. Since EHE Consulting Group founding it grown to become one of the largest and most comprehensive design practices in the Middle East. To date the experience, skill and confidence of EHE Professional Enabled them To Successfully complete all project assignments on schedule and brought to each job the highest standards of quality. EHE Continuously upgrade and update itself to respond to emerging business practices, technologies and living pattern. VISION OF THE GROUP: 1- TO AID MIDDLE EAST’S OVERALL GROWTH THROUGH FOCUSED GEOTECHNICAL AND INFRASTRUCTURE RESEARCH, EDUCATION, CONSULTATIONS, AND POLICIES.  2- TO PROVIDE A UNIQUE GROUP WITHIN M.E FOR THE INTERCHANGE OF IDEAS AMONG GEOTECHNICAL AND INFRASTRUCTURE RESEARCHERS, EDUCATORS, MANAGERS AND POLICYMAKERS FROM M.E AND ALL OVER THE WORLD. MISSION OF THE GROUP: TO SERVE AS A RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT GROUP TO GUIDE AND FOCUS GEOTECHNICAL AND INFRASTRUCTURE RESEARCHERS, EDUCATORS, MANAGERS AND POLICYMAKERS IN M.E TOWARDS SATISFYING COUNTRIES' NEEDS AND TO ASSIST IN ITS OVERALL GROWTH.  WITH THE INTENTION OF COVERING ALL MODES AND SECTORS, AND HAVING A SPECIAL INTENTION TO COVER ALL THE SOIL-STRUCTURE INTERACTION TOPICS.


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