WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc.

WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc.

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WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc., is a consulting engineering firm that specializes in solving problems in existing structures. Common concerns include structural distress, geotechnical-related issues, material defects, and building envelope failures. Our expertise in determining the causes, effects, and remedies for these problems has resulted in a growing business preventing those same problems on new construction. Our geotechnical division investigates distress of structures and surrounding earthworks, and is able to provide a variety of solutions for improvement. Trenching, boring, and in-situ tests are performed to assess viability of construction location and materials as well as causation of subsurface disturbances. Also encompassed within the geotechnical division is our accredited laboratory, which is able to test soil characteristics, perform compressive strength tests, and report on the composition of various materials such as asphalt, mortar, and concrete. To ensure that construction is delivered as designed, we also provide envelope commissioning and construction supervision, testing & inspection services. Creating lasting solutions that extend the service life of buildings or structures is at the heart of our business.


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