LOADSENSING: wireless datalogging mesh networks

LOADSENSING: wireless datalogging mesh networks

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GEOTECHNICAL MONITORINGLoadsensing (LS) is the market's most cost-efficient datalogger for geotechnical sensors, delivering real time data to provide our customers peace of mind in their projects. LS digitizes almost all geotechnical sensors, including vibrating wire. Loadsensing is the perfect solution for harsh environments or difficult-to-access sites, or just for comfortable remote monitoring. Loadsensing can be applied to monitor all infrastructures: tunnels, bridges, buildings, railways, debris flow, etc. It is user friendly, and it comes with a free and easy-to-use software to configure and visualize your entire sensor network.  WIRELESS SMART MESH NETWORKSThe LS system creates dynamic smart mesh networks offering CE/FCC-certified ultra-low power multi-hop capabilities in ISM bands, with a range of up to 400m between nodes. ROBUST HARDWAREAutonomous operation under harsh conditions: IP67 certified and tested from -40ºC to +85ºC. Easily replaceable standard batteries ensure life spans of up to 5 years.USER-FRIENDLY FREE SOFTWAREWebsensing is a web platform to visualize all data and configure the entire sensor network. Or just download a csv file for analysis with your own software: we don’t force anyone!


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