Deep Foundations (TC212)

Deep Foundations (TC212)

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Technical Committee

TC Chair: Alessandro Mandolini

Host Member Society: Italy


Short name: Deep Foundations (TC212)


(Last Updated: 2nd February 2018)



International Foundations Congress & Equipment Expo

DFI-EFFC International Conference on Deep Foundations and Ground Improvement

DFI 43rd Annual Conference on Deep Foundations

ECSMGE 2019 – XVII European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering



Task Force 1: Bolivian Experimental Site for Testing piles (BEST)

TC212 organized an experimental site for testing piles where different pile types are installed and then tested under different loading conditions. The Bolivian Experimental Site for Testing Piles (B.E.S.T.) is situated 24 kilometers North-east of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The purpose of the study was to provide results from full-scale loading tests on piles and a pile group. Results and interpretation were illustrated at the 3rd Bolivian International Conference on Deep Foundations (3° C.F.P.B.) and at the 19th ISSMGE Conference.

Detailed information, including all data of the prediction event, is available on the B.E.S.T. website

The third volume of the proceedings of the 3rd Bolivian International Conference on Deep Foundations (3° C.F.P.B.), where results are summarized and commented, are available at

Present composition: Akcakal (Turkey), Albuquerque (Brazil), Basile (UK), Cinicioglu (Turkey), Comodromos (Greece), Higgins (USA), Mandolini (Italy), Moormann (Germany), Terceros (Bolivia)


Task Force 2: Official Documents

Collection of available standards, codes and guidelines in order to evaluate similarities and differences.

Present composition: Brown (USA), Burlon (France), Chang (Taiwan), Cunha (Brazil), Horikoshi (Japan), Jeong (Korea), Lin (Taiwan), Mackiewics (USA), Moormann (Germany), O’Brien (UK)


Task Force 3: First TC212 International Conference

The results of the prediction event (as described in Terms of Reference 1) will be presented during the 1st ISSMGE TC212 International Conference to be held in Bolivia in May 2017. 

A special session will be organized during the next 19th ISSMGE Conference to be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, from September 17 to 22, 2017. 

Present composition: Albuquerque (Brazil), Fakharian (Iran), Isobe (Japan), Jeong (Korea), Mandolini (Italy), Moon (Korea), Omer (UK), Terceros (Bolivia), Zhang (Hong Kong)


Task Force 4: SOA vs. SOP 

Any efforts will be made to reduce the gap existing between the State-of-the-Art and the State-of-the Practice in the field of Deep Foundations.

Present composition: Basile (UK), Chung (Korea), Cinicioglu (Turkey), Cunha (Brazil), Fakharian (Iran), Gavin (IRL), Higgins (USA), Kos (Czeck and Slovak Republics), Norkus (Austria), O’Brien (UK), Zhang (Hong Kong)

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