Field Measurement in Geomechanics (TC220)

Field Measurement in Geomechanics (TC220)

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TC Chair: Andrew Ridley

Field Monitoring in Geomechanics deals with assessing the performance of engineering structures using instrumentation and other related information. The applications include dams and embankments, structures and foundations, transport infrastructure including tunnels and other underground openings,  open cut and underground mines, natural slopes, land reclamation, repositories for industrial or nuclear waste and offshore structures.
The principal aims of TC220 are:
1.       To organise specialty conferences, symposiums, workshops and short courses dedicated to the subject of field monitoring in geomechanics. To encourage the involvement of a wide range of geo-professionals in these events.
2.       To encourage the preparation of keynote lectures, state-of-the-art lectures including on new technologies, general reports for conferences organised by the International Society, regional conferences and conferences organized by Member Societies.
3.       To promote the inclusion of structural and geotechnical monitoring in universities and at conferences and meetings of other international bodies, thereby encouraging a common culture of learning through field monitoring.
FMGM is an international symposium held every four years since 1977.  TC220 will ensure that this tradition continues and will encourage ISSMGE members to participate in future FMGM Symposia.

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