Discussion Topic : 2017 Geowall Rules

Greetings everyone, I had a quick question. When will the 2017 Competetion rules be Available? Thanks.
Posted: 18/08/2016 00:45
Jose Rodriguez

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Bill Kitch

We're expecting to have them out a bit after Labor Day. - WAK

Point Park University

Hi everyone, do we have the rule now? Thanks!

Binod Tiwari

We have finalized the Geo-wall 2017 rules. All geo-challenge announcements will be posted together. We are working to post them at our earliest. It will come out today or by the weekend. -BT

Patrick Hargrove

I still cannot find the competiton rules; I have been checking each day since the weekend. Are they in a specific place? Thanks.

Binod Tiwari

We are still fixing a few logistic issues. Expect something by tomorrow evening.