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Greetings everyone, I had a quick question. When will the 2017 Competetion rules be Available? Thanks.
Posted: 18/08/2016 04:45
Jose Rodriguez

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Bill Kitch

We're expecting to have them out a bit after Labor Day. - WAK

Point Park University

Hi everyone, do we have the rule now? Thanks!

Binod Tiwari

We have finalized the Geo-wall 2017 rules. All geo-challenge announcements will be posted together. We are working to post them at our earliest. It will come out today or by the weekend. -BT

Patrick Hargrove

I still cannot find the competiton rules; I have been checking each day since the weekend. Are they in a specific place? Thanks.

Binod Tiwari

We are still fixing a few logistic issues. Expect something by tomorrow evening.

Danyel Ortega

Hello all, I was wondering if the rules are out yet if so where would I find them. Thanks in advance.

Binod Tiwari

Finally, the rules for Geo-wall, Geo-prediction and Geo-poster are posted. Please check. Rules for Geo-video will be out soon as we are working on the submission site. Please let me or individual competition director know if you have any question. I wish you all a good luck for all competitions. Regards, BT

Binod Tiwari

Dear all: As forwarded to your faculty advisors through USUCGER, the Geo-wall Design Report is due at 11:55 pm PST on January 13th. Regards, BT

Binod Tiwari

Dear Geo-wall 2017 team: Thanks for submitting the Geo-wall design report yesterday. If you have not received my "Thanks" email as a reply to your email, your submission did not go through. If you emailed the design report to me within the time frame and did not get that mesage, please forward the submittal again to [email protected] asap as we will start review process soon. BT


Hello, When will the results be posted for the paper? Our team cannot apply for funding without an official invitation from the GeoInstitute. ASCE CSUN