Discussion Topic : 2024 Geo-Challenge Student Competition Rules Announced

Dear all,

The 2024 National Geo-Challenge Student Competitions will be organized on February 26, 2024 during Geo-Congress 2024 to be held in Vancouver, Canada.  The rules are posted on the GeoWorld webpage under the Geo-Challenge group files. I have also included the link to the files for each individual Geo-Challenge Competition below. 


Geo-Wall 2024 Rules (Director: Dr. Beena Ajmera)


Geo-Prediction 2024 Rules (Director: Dr. Matthew Sleep)


Geo-Poster 2024 Rules (Director: Dr. Asif Ahmed)


Geo-Video 2024 Rules (Director: Dr. Mohammad Yamin)


Geo-Shirt 2024 Rules (Director: Dr. Erik Jensen)



Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the competitions.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the 2024 Geo-Challenge Student Competitions.



Beena Ajmera

On behalf of: Drs. Matthew Sleep, Asif Ahmed, Mohammad Yamin, and Erik Jensen

Posted: 24/09/2023 18:28, updated: 24/09/2023 18:34
Beena Ajmera