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Dear all: Please find below the preliminary ranking for the national Geo-challenge 2017 competitions. This year?s Geo-wall had 28 entries and we were able to invite only 20 teams for the competition due to logistical issues. A large number of submissions were received for Geo-prediction, Geo-video, and Geo-poster as well. The ranking of Geo-poster will be announced soon. Geo-wall Design Report Ranking 1. California State University, Fullerton 2. University of Texas Arlington 3. University of Arkansas 4. University of Missouri-Columbia 5. Oregon State University 6. Arizona State University 7. Cal Poly Pomona 8. University of Kansas 9. California State University, Long Beach 10. Cal Poly SLO 11. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 12. California State University, Sacramento 13. University of Texas Austin 14. UCLA 15. California State University, Los Angeles 16. University of California Davis 17. University of Western Australia 18. Texas A&M University 19. Minnesota State University, Mankato 20. San Diego State University Geo-prediction Report Ranking Top 3 (in alphabetical order) Middle East Technical University Oregon State University University of Texas ? Arlington Top 4-6 (in alphabetical order) California State University, Fullerton Team 1 University of Arkansas Team 2 University of Kansas Other invitee (in alphabetical order) California State University, Fullerton Team 2 University of Arkansas Team 1 Geo-video Preliminary Ranking Top 3 (in alphabetical order) Arizona State University Lafayette College Team 1 Lafayette College Team 2 Top 4-6 (in alphabetical order) University of Arkansas University of Texas at Arlington Team 1 The University of Texas at Arlington Team 2 If you would like to volunteer for judging for any Geo-challenge Competitions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Regards, Binod Tiwari (Geo-challenge overall and Geo-wall) Eric Steward (Geo-prediction) Andrea Welker (Geo-video) Paola Bandini (Geo-poster)
Posted: 08/02/2017 00:08
Binod Tiwari

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Miriam Woolley

Hello Dr. Tiwari and all, I am interested in any advice from the Geowall teams going to the conference on how you are transporting the geobox there, and if you have any tips. What past expereinces have you had with mailing, flying, or some other method of transporting the box and materials have you had, and can you share them with me?

Scott Merry

Miriam, At one point, ASU did have special carrying case for their box - check with Dr. Kavazanjian. For 2015, Pacific just checked it as a piece of luggage. They had us sign one of those forms that says that they aren't responsible for damage, but the boxes are pretty tough. Too, we put most of our supplies inside the box and put a lid on it with screws. The airlines were curious and when they found out that it was a collegiate contest, they didn't even charge us an overweight/oversize fee. Good luck.

University of Arkansas

Miriam, The University of Arkansas has had success in disassembling the box and fitting it into a suitcase and simply checking the bag. The flat box doesn't take up much room so it leaves space for our supplplies to fit in the suitcase too!

Miriam Woolley

Thank you both for the tips, I'm going to see how disassembling and checking it works.