Discussion Topic : Geo-challenge Student Activities Program Details

Dear all: We are looking forward to seeing you all in Orlando next week. Please note the following last minute items for the Geo-challenge Student Competitios: Sunday, March 12, 2017 2-3 pm GeoWall Box Check and Captain?s Meeting (Room: Windermere Y) (Please bring the form with a list of four members who will be competiting and pass that to Dr. Tiwari during the captain's meeting. Also please write total length of 24 inch wide kraft paper you need for the competition and pass that to Dr. Tiwari. Heats and rows will be announced on that day.) Monday, March 13, 2017 10 am ? 2 pm Student Video (Celebration 14/15) 10 am ? 2 pm Student Posters (Celebration 14/15) 10 am ? 2 pm Poster Presentation (Celebration 12) 10 am - 2 pm Prediction presentation (Bayhill 21) 10 am ? 2 pm GeoWall (Windermere Y) Tuesday, March 14, 2017 8:00 ? 8:15 am AWARD ceremony (before Robert. M. Koerner Award and Lecture) If you have any question about individual event, please contact invidual Geo-challenge directors. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Regards, Binod Tiwari, Geo-challenge Director "image""image"
Posted: 07/03/2017 05:41
Binod Tiwari