Discussion Topic : Geo-Prediction 2018 Clarification

Elevation at ground surface of piles as listed in the pile data tables are above and below the ground surface of borings for PPCP and SHP respectively.  Furthermore, placing the pile tips at the elevations listed and assuming the full original pile lengths yields a stickup from the ground surface that appears unreasonable.  Could any further information be provided (i.e. the distance from the settlement gauges to the tops of the piles and/or ground surface) to clarify the length of pile embedded into the ground?

Posted: 20/12/2017 05:24
Jakob Walter

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Matthew Sleep

As shown in Figure 1 and Figure 4, pile locations are not at the boring locations. Variations is surface topography create different surface elevations between the borings and piles. As shown in Table 2, there is significant stickup of the PPCP pile after driving. The cutoff length is provided but note that the static load test was conducted prior to cutoff.