Discussion Topic : Report Submission Date

Why is the final design report due over the holiday break? Why are teams asking what a wrapped face wall is after the date and our team not allowed to participate due to class not being in session?

Posted: 20/01/2018 01:09
Daniel Shannon

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Binod Tiwari

As your team knows it very well (being consistently invited for almost all of the Geo-wall competitions we had so far), the report submission date is typically around the same time +/- a week or two. The rules were posted well before the submission date, during the regular semester (which is also consistent with the past) and the teams were not discouraged to submit earlier than the due date. The submission deadlines are always strictly followed so that it is fair to the teams who submit the reports on time. I am sorry that we will miss your team this year. However, I encourage every one to look into the submission deadline carefully in future so that the reports are submitted on time.