Discussion Topic : Student registration for Geo-Challenge Competitions

Dear Geo-Challenge 2019 student competition invitees:

I congratulate you for being invited to the competitive Geo-Challenge 2019 and wish you a good luck to all competitions. Please note that students who wish to attend the Geo-Challenge Student Competitions are required to register for GeoCongress 2019 event through the registration information provided in the Geo-Congress 2019 webpage or the link provided to them in the invitation letter by the Geo-Challenge Directors. The reduced student registration will end on February 26th and there will be an increased registration fee (full registration fee) after this date. I encourage all of you (who have not registered to the event yet) to registare by this date to get advantage of the reduced registration. Non-registered students will not be allowed to take part in any Geo-Challenge Student Competitions.

Thank you very much for your active participation in the Geo-Challenge  2019 and looking forward to seeing you next month during the Geo-Congress 2019.



Binod Tiwari, Ph.D., P.E.

Geo-Challenge Director

Posted: 15/02/2019 13:18
Binod Tiwari

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Mohmad Mohsin Thakur


I did not receive any acknowledgement for the final version of Geoposter. I just want to make sure it was recieved.