Discussion Topic : Final draft of the Failure Paths report

This report collects experiences of dike and levee failures, discusses different failed cases and summarises these experiences in failure paths that can generally be used in forensic engineering, design and maintenance of dikes and levees for different loading conditions, climate zones and engineering traditions. The inventory, which formed the basis of the report, showed that knowledge on the application of failure paths for water retaining structures was fragmentized and different definitions were used in different engineering traditions. To overcome these differences this report starts with a set of clear definitions. We hope that the definitions in this report will be followed in the engineering world and as such contribute to exchanging experiences without misunderstandings.

The report is a production of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Technical committee 201, Geotechnical Aspects of Dikes and Levees, ISSMGETC201. This TC brings together practitioners and academics in the field of dikes and levees
around the world. With this report we hope to set a step forward in sharing our experiences and knowledge and hope that application of the thoughts and ideas in this report may lead to new experiences, further development of the use of failure paths in dike design and finally assists in further reducing the number of people being affected by floods.

Posted: 24/12/2021 16:35