held by online:


2nd May 2020




TC-305 members


Askar Zhussupbekov                    Chair

Hoe-Ling                                       Vice-Chair

Der-Wen Chang                            Secretary

Eun Chul Shin                               Core member

                                                      Vice-president of ISSMGE for Asia

Yoshinori Iwasaki                          Core Member

Fabrice EMERIAULT                    Nominated Member

Masyhur Irsyam                            Nominated Member

Baris Trak                                     Nominated Member

Rolf Katzenbach                           Nominated Member

Skender Allkja                              Nominated Member

ALEJO OSCAR SFRISO             Nominated Member

Argimiro Ferreira                          Nominated Member

Ozer Cinicioglu                             Nominated Member

A.Boominathan                            Nominated Member

Massimo Ramondini                    Nominated Member

Sebastiano Rampello                  Nominated Member

R. Ayothiraman                            Nominated Member

Jose Antonio Redondo                Nominated Member

Segio Sanchez Rodriguez          Nominated Member




Yelbek Utepov                             Member of KGS

Assel Tulebekova                        Member of KGS

Sarsenbayeva Assel                   Member of KGS

Timothy Mkilima                          PhD Student

Abdulla Omarov                          Member of KGS

Zhanbolat Shakhmov                  Member of KGS

Kazem Fakharian                        Invited guest

Viktor Kaliakin                             Invited guest

Jeong Ku Kang                           Invited guest

Montayeva Ainur                         Coordinator

Buranbayeva Aigerim                  PhD Student

Abdrakhmanova Bibigul              PhD Student

Gulsat Kadyralieva                      Invited guest



Open session.


  1. Opening address with information about activity of TC 305 by Prof. Askar Zhussupbekov

Professor A.Zhussupbekov welcomed all members and thanked everyone who joined to this online meeting.

He gave brief information about Kazakhstan and its new capital Nur-Sultan city. He also introduced the mega projects of a new city and geotechnical conferences that held in Kazakhstan and also TC 305 activity since 2017-2020.


  1. Welcome address by Prof. Eun Chul Shin- Vice -President of ISSMGE for Asia, Incheon National University

Professor Eun Chul Shin welcomed everyone and briefly introduced himself, gave some information about his university and works that he has done.


  1. Introduction of each members of TC 305

Over 40 experts from the USA, Argentina, India, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Albania, Poland, Turkey, Iran, Kyrgyzstan participated to this online forum. Participants of the forum meet each other and each member told about his research interest.


       4.About term of reference of TC 305 by Prof. Der Wen Chang, Tamkang University,Taipei, Taiwan ( Secretary of TC 305)


            Objective 1: Dissemination

Disseminate knowledge and practice on design and practice of geotechnical technologies at megacities and new capitals to the members of ISSMGE.


FACTS: TC305 has fulfilled this mission by sharing the results of relevant research work and technologies through the Symposium, Workshop and Discussion Session at the occasions of many international events. A good example can be found as the Minute Report of TC305 Workshop at 2017 ICSMGE (see attached). A number of renowned scholars were invited to demonstrate their remarkable geo-technic experiences and shared with the audience. Such materials can be found in following website https://www.issmge.org/filemanager/article/488/Papers_presented_at_TC305_Worshop.pdf


            Objective 2: Guidelines and Recommendations

Establish guidelines and technical recommendations on design and practice of geotechnical technologies at megacities and new capitals.

FACTS: Due to limited resources and wide spectrum of the possible subjects, this mission has not been done very much. It needs further discussions.

            Objective 3: Conference Assistance

Assist with technical programs of international and regional conferences organized by ISSMGE to present the impact of relevant technologies.

FACTS: TC 305 has done tremendous job on mission 3. The record is listed as follows,

September 17-22, 2017, 19ICSMGE, Seoul, September, TC305 Workshop and Discussion Session

October 13-17, 2019, 16ARC, Taipei, Taiwan, TC305 Discussion Session


            Objective 4: Industry Links

Interact with industry and other organizations working on design and practice of geotechnical technologies at megacities and new capitals.

       5.Discussion about displacements and settlements of soil ground ( data base) at during time of deep excavation in megacities- by Prof. Hoe Ling — Vice Chair of TC 305 , Columbia University,  New York, USA    


      Vice-Chairman of TC-305, PhD, Professor Hoe Ling (Columbia University, New York, USA) presented the report on topic “Displacements and settlements of soil ground (data base) at during time of deep excavation in megacities.”

In the end of the report, participants joined in discussion. The main topics were features of the design and construction of the underground part of high-rise buildings and structures, calculation of models of soil bases and the experience of the USA, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, India in the design and construction of underground and elevated structures, the development of underground space in complex ground conditions.


        6. Conclusion on themes of the TC 305

In the end, Professor A.Zhusupbekov reminded the meeting participants that they should prepare abstracts and papers for the 20th International Geotechnical Conference, which will be in September 2021 in Sydney (Australia).

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