International Conference On Geotechnical Engineering Education 2020 (GEE2020)

International Conference On Geotechnical Engineering Education 2020 (GEE2020)

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When the initial plan of having GEE 2020 at the Acropolis Museum changed to an online conference, the organizing committee added some features to how authors could introduce themselves, discuss their work and have their work be discussed:

1) A final page was added to all the papers with short bios of all the authors.

2) Authors were asked to select one, two or all of the following three options: (i) to present their paper with a pre-recorded presentation, (ii) to discuss their paper in a live Q/A session with written questions sent by conference participants and (iii) to exchange comments with conference participants during the week of the conference in a written forum.

The GEE 2020 Discussion Group includes the 16 papers of the authors who selected option (iii) for their paper (in combination with other options). Each paper has a separate thread (Discussion).

In addition to the 16 papers, the conference itself and the two panel discussions each have dedicated threads.

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